Rhododendron L. species are plants of great ornamental and medicinal value, and have long been cultivated, bred and used by humans for ages. With advances in sequencing technology, genomes and transcriptomes of the Rhododendron genus have been sequenced and published by different laboratories around the world. With such an enormous amount of data, it becomes a dilemma for Rhododendron researchers to effectively use and analysis these data.
Hence, we construct RPGD (Rhododendron Plant Genome Database), the first comprehensive database for Rhododendron genus. It integrates large amounts of omics data, including genome sequences assemblies for Rhododendron delavayi(wiki) , Rhododendron Williamsianum(wiki) and Rhododendron simsii(wiki), gene expression profiles derived from published RNA-Seq data, functional annotation, gene family, transcription factor, homolog gene information, simple sequence repeat and chloroplast genome assemblies for R.delavayi and Rhododendron Pulchrum. Meanwhile, a lot of useful tools, including BLAST, JBrowse, Orthologous Groups, Genome Synteny Browser, Flanking Sequence Finder, Expression Heatmap, Enrichment Analysis, and Batch Download, are also integrated in RPGD. We truly believe RPGD will keep providing users of researching Rhododendron genus a comprehensive and helpful platform.

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