• Plant genome structure and evolution, especially the evolution caused by alternative splicing evolution
Genome structure evolution was wildly presented in the nature, however, the role of alternative splicing in the genome structure evolution was not well presented, we try to proposed new theories to illustrated the contribution.
  • Identifying of new genes related to Gramineae and Brassicaceae
Since the first widely accepted new gene Jingwei gene, it has been passed twenty years, more and more scientists have been realized the important function of new genes, and more and more function researches are act on the new genes. We want to develop a way to reveal the new genes evolution mechanisms by analyzing the Gramineae and Brassicaceae families.
  • Developing new bioinformatics tools
Useful new tools are always welcome. We have been developed several bioinformatics tools, such as OBSM, gKaKs and GriffinDetector. More tools will coming out soon.