deepRloopPre: A tool for predicting the R-loop location and abundance on DNA sequence

The R-loop is a three-stranded nucleic acid structure composed of a DNA:RNA hybrid strand and single-stranded DNA. R-loops are widespread in different species and participate in a variety of biological processes. The ssDRIP-seq technology developed in Sun laboratory can efficiently and strand-specifically detect the whole genome R-loop, and is widely used in multiple species. We used ssDRIP-seq data based on deep learning to develop the prediction tool deepRloopPre, which can predict the locations and profiles of strand-specific R-loops in the whole genome using only sequences, and is better than other R-loop prediction tools.

Watson Crick


This online tool can only predict a sequence of up to 128kb at a time. If you need to predict the R-loop on the whole genome, please download and install the localization tool.