R-loopAtlas v2.0 (A big innovation) has been onlined !

Now, R-loopAtlas based on the prediction tool —— deepRloopPre, contains observed R-loop information of three species and predicted R-loop information of 253 species. And we also integrated some useful tools besides deepRloopPre like BLAST and Jbrowse.


R-loopAtlas v1.0 (First Open Version) has been released !

Now, the plant R-loop databese -- R-loopAtlas contains several function modules(such as Search Function, Browse Function, BLAST Function and so on) and related data of two model species (Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa Japonica).


The construction of R-loopAtlas has started !

R-loops are functional structures in chromatin comprising one single-stranded DNA and a DNA:RNA hybrid. Our analyses indicate that R-loops are common features in the Arabidopsis genome and other species.